How to Win Freerolls

How to Win FreerollsIf you’re wondering how to win freerolls then you’ve come to the right place, because here we have half a dozen hints that could help you get money for nothing playing online poker. You won’t win every freeroll you enter with this advice, but you’ll certainly increase your chances.

Freeroll tournaments are online poker tournaments that don’t cost anything to enter but pay cash prizes to the players who win or get a place. The value of the prizes on offer vary according to the size of the tournament and where you play. We recommend that you focus on playing at the top poker rooms if you want the chance to win the best prizes, and that you adhere to the following principles:

Be Serious
The first and perhaps most important tip we have for you is to be serious when playing freerolls. A large proportion of players think that they should play like monkeys in a freeroll tournament because it hasn’t cost them a penny to enter, but that’s not the attitude to take. Although freerolls cost nothing in financial terms, you will need to invest your time playing them, so you owe it to yourself to take the games seriously.

Be Strategic
Before you sit down to play in a freeroll tournament, you should have a clear idea of what your poker strategy will be. What starting hands will you play in the early, middle and later stages of the tournament? If you are in any doubt about these things then you should adopt the ‘default’ strategy of playing a fairly tight game. However, don’t be too aggressive in the early stages because there will be plenty of monkeys who will call you with nothing but a wish and a prayer.

Be Sensible
We keep mentioning monkeys, but that’s because you’ll meet plenty of them if you decide to play freeroll poker games on a regular basis. The best defence against the most reckless players is to be sensible. The monkeys will go all-in repeatedly in the early stages in an attempt to double-up quickly, but you should be careful about calling unless you are very confident about having the best possible hand. If you have QQ then fold rather than call an all-in and risk facing KK or AA or even a JJ that could get lucky on the flop. Remember, your aim is to progress as far in the tournament as you can – not to prove how willing you are to face a showdown.

Be Flexible
The nature of freeroll tournaments changes the closer you get to the end. In the early stages, those pesky monkeys will litter the place with all-ins and fishy calls. However, that kind of bad play isn’t good for their survival, so as you get to the middle stages there will be far fewer reckless players and you will need to adjust your approach accordingly. The same can be said as you enter the latter stages, when the average skill level of the players that are left will generally be far higher than it was when the tournament started. The bottom line? Be flexible as you progress.

Play The Numbers Game
You won’t make the money in every freeroll you enter, so you should play the numbers game by entering as many freerolls as you have time for. Of course, you probably won’t want to play freerolls instead of your regular cash games, but if you aren’t averse to playing multiple tables you won’t have to – you can play freerolls in the background whilst you make money at the normal tables.

Learn From Experience
Even though you won’t make money every time you play a freeroll, you can certainly gain a lot of knowledge and experience. Such experience is a valuable commodity, so don’t think of a lost freeroll as a waste of time. Instead, view it as another lesson that is helping you to continue developing your skills as a poker player.

So there you have it. The next time someone asks you how to win freerolls, refer them to the ideas presented in this article and tell them to get to work. And remember, the more freerolls you enter, the more chances you have to win money for nothing, so look busy and enter a freeroll today!

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