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Online Poker SoftwareOnline poker software applications are being used by an increasing number of players who want to try and get a technological edge over their opponents. You can obtain online poker software that advises you on what moves to make, how much to bet and when you should simply fold. Whilst using such software is perfectly legal, using online poker software has just as many disadvantages as it does advantages...

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Let’s start with the advantages. The first of these is that online poker software can serve as your personal poker-guru who is on call 24 hours a day to help you play a better game. Simply hook the software up as instructed and you’ll see at a glance what your odds of winning are with any given hand and what play you would therefore be best advised to make. As long as the poker software obeys reliable rules, there is no doubt that this type of software can improve your game.

Another advantage is legality itself. Whilst you wouldn’t stand a chance of playing in a real world casino with a piece of poker software up your sleeve, you can use whatever strategic software you like when playing online. And even better, none of your opponents need to know that you are doing so!

Unfortunately, online poker software also has its disadvantages, and these could actually outweigh the advantages, depending on what your goals are as an online poker player. Consider the following...

Using software can make you lazy. Think about it – if you only have to glance at the software application screen to find out what the best play is, why would you bother thinking the hand through yourself? The short answer is that you won’t, and sooner or later you could well find yourself playing like a condition-response machine. Or a chimp, depending on your point of view.

Next up in the disadvantage stakes is that fact that your real-world poker skills don’t benefit much from habitual software use. Whilst online poker software can be useful in short bursts to help you analyse various hands or situations, if you become reliant on software you won’t be able to play for toffee offline. That might not concern you if you only intend to play online, but in that case the following disadvantage is worth considering.

Online poker software may not be legal forever. Whilst there is nothing to stop players from running 100% independent applications as they play online, software titles that link up with poker sites to retrieve live data about your hand could well be outlawed at some point. In that event even your online poker performance would suffer if you have allows yourself to rely on the software too heavily.

With both advantages and disadvantages, the use of online poker software could never be described as a black and white issue. Our advice would be to use poker software if it helps you to learn more about the game (for example, by teaching you to calculate poker odds or play more logically) but to try and play without the software as soon as possible. Taking this approach will allow you to benefit from what online poker software can teach you, but helps you to avoid becoming reliant on it and destroying your long term prospects.

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