Winning Habits of Successful Poker Players

Winning Habits of Successful Poker PlayersWhat separates the consistently successful online poker player from the one who loses money month after month? This is a question that vexes many, so in this article we will endeavour to provide an answer that will not only shed light on the subject, but should actually help players to improve their prospects. Of course, it will take more than simply reading this article for a losing player to get himself into a position where he is able to win often.

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However by applying the ideas presented here anyone can at least make a start along that path of improvement.

Although there are of course many different factors which determine how successful or otherwise an online poker player will be, there are three fundamental habits that tend to make the biggest difference between losing and winning on a consistent basis. Adopt these three habits and you should start seeing your performance improve quite considerable within a matter of weeks.

Habit #1 – Study the Game
The famous line that is often broadcast on television poker shows is that poker is a game that takes “a minute to learn and a lifetime to master”. There is a lot of truth in that observation, but losing players often progress no further than the “minute to learn” stage, and because of that they never arrive at any real level of mastery which would allow them to dominate the game. Those who win consistently don’t make that mistake. Instead, they get into the habit of studying the game on a regular basis so that they can always be at least a fraction more knowledgeable and skilful than they were previously.

There are plenty of ways in which you can undertake such study. One way is by making sure that you explore our library of online poker articles here at Then you can take full advantage of the “poker school” facilities that most online poker sites make available. To continue your education, you can proceed to study serious poker textbooks such as those by Harrington, Doyle or Sklansky.

Commit yourself to studying the game for the rest of your poker career and you will ensure that you continue to progress toward ever-higher levels of mastery. Adopt the next two habits in addition and that mastery will soon convert to tangible profits…

Habit #2 – Play by the Book
Although studying the game is vitally important as far as becoming a winning player is concerned, all the study in the world won’t help you if you don’t actually apply what you learn when you sit down at the virtual tables. For example, it’s no good knowing how to calculate pot odds if you don’t do just that, and play your hands accordingly, when you are actually playing. The second fundamental habit you should adopt, therefore, is to play by the book at all times. Of course, you can be creative in the way you play, but always play according to how you know you should play for best results. Ignore this piece of advice and progressing from losing to winning will be virtually impossible unless you just happen to get lucky,

Habit #3 – Think Long Term
The third habit of highly successful online poker players is that of thinking long term. Most losing players only think as far as the next game or two, and they are in such a rush to turn their starting bankroll into a million dollars (or some other overly ambitious amount) that they overstretch their finances, play beyond their ability level and end up losing everything at breakneck speed. The much more successful approach – and the one we advise all readers to adopt – is to think long term and take a “slow and steady” approach to whatever profit target you set yourself.

Doing this will allow you to put just a fraction of your initial bankroll at risk in each game, and if you focus on making small but regular profits you will find that bigger goals can be achieved almost effortlessly. We will discuss this aspect of online poker in a future article, but for now just remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare and take a big hint from the tortoise!

To summarise, it is the habits that players adopt which separate the winners from the losers. The three habits identified here are essential if you want to enjoy consistent success at the poker tables, so take note, work on developing them as advised and see how your game improves as a result.

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