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VC Poker - Crush the Coach

You’re a hotshot poker player raking in the cash at every turn, but do you think that you have what it takes to beat the Coach over at Betvictor Poker and bag a minimum of $250?

If you want to face Marbella Slim, Betvictor Poker’s dedicated Poker Coach, then you’ll need to pay $2.50 plus $0.25 rebuys for the play-off tournaments held at 20.30 CET on Tuesdays. Finish in first place and you’ll square off against Slim two days later on Thursday at 20.30 CET. If you manage to beat the Coach, you’ll walk away with at least $250. If you lose, the money you would have won will be added to the base prize for the Crush the Coach game to take place in the following week.

Ready to Crush the Coach and snag some cash? Head on over to Betvictor Poker today to learn more about this fun game.

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